found my N64 and all of my other old games consoles and games, I think I’m set for the summer now probably 


BACK IN THE DAY |11/6/92| Shaquille O’Neal made his NBA debut for the Orlando Magic

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Map of Literary Britain and Northern Ireland

I saw this come up on a search. I didn’t see the actual quote at first, but I saw people arguing about whether it was said by Sartre or Mewtwo. And I thought to myself “what memorable quotes does Mewtwo have, other than the one at the end of (SPOILER ALERT!, though I doubt any of you would care at this point) Pokemon: The First Movie after he has a change of heart, and right before he erases everyone’s memories. I do a little Tumblr digging to see the actual quote, and LO AND BEHOLD it’s the exact quote I was thinking of!








In retrospect, this was the greatest product of high school for me.  

god i wish my senior page was as good as this

oh my god

pure inspiration

pretty sure this was Sartre but let’s attribute ideas to the cooler entity right

The quote is most definitely from Mewtwo.

Unless you mean the picture, in which case I’m fairly sure it’s me, and I’m not cooler than Sartre. I don’t even have a pipe.

Also, got rejected from the Teach For America program yesterday. So there goes my last option for legitimate career moves for a while.

Moping is one of the few things I’m pretty good at. So when disappointing stuff like this happens to me (which is somewhat often), I put on my favorite band, Radiohead. It’s helped through quite a few rough spots.

If you know Radiohead, naturally “Optimistic” should be my go-to song it this situation. Verily, it is. I like this music video for it. Though I think it’s an unofficial video by a random fan, I really like it. I find it moving.

…”Lucky” is also a good song choice for me when stuff like this happens.

Camus is real! I had to read The Myth of Sisyphus for a Phil class and it was pretty good. I should read more of his shit when I get the chance.

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This is bullshit.

Just come back already.

…Also, fighting off the huge urge to get drunk right now